State College Community Theater

So it was very enlightening going to the Fall Meeting for SCCT tonight. Everyone talks a lot, says thank you a million times, and laughs at eachother’s bad jokes – pretty typical of any annual meeting.

Interesting fact: SCCT has as much trouble with the Centre Daily Times (if not more) than we do. After begging them to come and review their shows, they got two (not so great) reviews out of them, and an “It’s just not fun” from their entertainment editorial staff. Glad to know it’s not just us.

I had to leave early and did not vote, however, they chose three great shows: Nunsense (one of my FAVORITES), To Kill a Mockingbird (fabulous), and the great West Side Story (I’m dying to choreograph this for them). The ridiculous other choices include a weird play that Bewitched originated from and the infamous Full Monty. Despite being funny and a great show, I have not figured out the insane mind that thinks grown men in central PA will take off their clothes for no pay (no, this is NOT an Equity show!) and um… how they are going to backlight them if they are working at the Boal Barn… aka theatre in the round!!!

They talked about losing subscriptions, support, etc. tonight, and all I can think of is my father-in-law’s reaction when he is sitting there with his wife watching The Full Monty next summer. Things that make you go “hmmm…”


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