Crunch week…

So, as you all know, this is the final countdown to our show on Saturday, and so far, I’ve had no time to practice my solos due to the mound of paperwork and other crap piling up on my desk. You’d be amazed the stuff I have to create and print for a show:

– ticket order forms
– programs
– sign in sheets
– show order sheets
– cue sheets
– costume sheets
– hair and makeup sheets
– backstage signs for SR, SL, quiet, etc.
– box office signs
– cast members only signs
– green room sign
– dressing room sign
– script for emcee
– thank you notes
– curtain call order
– fall schedules
– concert posters
– ticket log
– costume tracking
– notes for substitute teachers
– the list goes on…

It’s amazing how quickly life becomes a nightmare when you still have to buy two red boas, try on pink carwash hem dresses, wash your tights and leotard, hang curtains in the guest room, take the Centre Daily Times out for coffee (yes, we’re begging), take your 2 year old to school, wake up with your 5 month old at 6 a.m., and get the program to the printers first thing because advertisers were late getting their ads in!

Good news – lots of university students possibly coming to the show. Michele has emailed the dance minors, Tapestry, and her Dance Appreciation class, so hopefully, everyone will turn out!

Thus begins “crunch” week (the euphemistically disguised “he**” week – for my younger readers)… and just 5 more days until the life changing weekend for me AND all my students!!!

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