Back from the dead….

Here I am! It only took a week to recover, but I’m back and ready for some Christmas action!!! I just discovered that my satellite radio finally started playing Christmas music, so that’s been on since yesterday. Just 30 more days until things wrap up for the year… Excited to see if Jordyn Brooks ends up on pointe for her Christmas present! 🙂

Important news for tap dancing types: December 16th at SoZo’s – tap jam at 6:30 p.m. Still confirming with musicians, so it might change. But looks pretty good!

The concert was a huge success, and the best news is that we had lovely feedback from Roxane, who indicated that the kids could be at the level of NCYTE (North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble – the BEST) in a couple of years. WOOHOO! Everyone who saw the show enjoyed different numbers – which was a big confirmation for me that my choreography isn’t all repetitive and annoying like it has been at other times in life. I also had a handful of people say that their favorite piece was my 6/8 improvisational piece to “I’ll Be”… which made me happy. I really got choked up on stage as I did it — I was dancing FOR someone in my mind, and I actually started crying near the end. I thought for sure people would think it was melodramatic, but somehow, it came across ok.

The kids did a TERRIFIC job – and believe it or not, the weakest piece in rehearsal was everyone’s favorite! “Hit Me Up” was a big success, and the character came out of everyone during the show… funny how that works. In addition, Sweet Georgia Brown, Summertime and Move Right Outta My Life were better than they ever had been. Lots of energy and great love for dance just eminated from the kids on stage.

Jade did a nice job (as did Becky) – despite Honeysuckle Rose’s music just randomly stopping in the middle of the piece! Apparently people thought it was supposed to stop… ???? Weird. Everyone loves Playground with its silly nursery rhymes and funny games. We aren’t nuts about it other than it’s a fun piece that we don’t have to think about too much. Witness was beautiful – not a sound out of place. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that piece of choreography.

And lastly, the jam onstage with Roxane was the best improvisational moment any of these kids have ever had, and the audience went nuts for them. What a beautiful opportunity for all of them to build their resumes, their self-confidence and their understanding of the dance world.

I feel better, knowing that one of the best tap dancers in the world thinks that I have the cleanest studio she’s ever danced in and a “perfect tap floor with perfect action and sound”. I also love that the community FINALLY got to witness what tap is about – seeing Jimmy Slyde on video and learning about the roots of this beautiful art form. Lastly, I love that I got to dance again. With 10 post-baby pounds left to go, I can’t wait for the day I get back to my old self and can really cut it up. Perhaps in this year’s 5th Anniversary concert? We’ll see… 🙂

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