Happy New Year!

What a great year 2008 has turned out to be so far! David had a fun 3rd birthday, Elijah is babbling like crazy, and Chuck just auditioned for a hair band. (Yes, you read that right.)

Today was absolutely nuts, but it felt good to be working outside the studio on some projects again. I subbed for Michele Dunleavy’s beginning tap class at PSU, which I’ll be doing for the next few weeks. Nice to teach college kids – I miss that segment of the student population, usually.

After that, I held tap auditions at State High for Anything Goes. Should be an interesting show – lots and lots of talent just with the 25 kids I saw today. I figure out my cast for the tap chorus and now ballet/tap/pointe-esque angels tomorrow morning with Jill. Different from what I pictured, but hey, that’s how auditions usually are!

Kirstie, Jordyn and Sam went up on pointe tonight – it’s so nice to have a new group of ballerinas!!! I secretly hope Kirstie ends up at Schreyer’s so she can continue to dance without any interruption. It’s so hard for kids to find new studios with god teachers when they go away to college. For example, Becky and Meg both have had a heck of a time finding places to dance. Bums me out how hard everyone works up for “the big let down” when they graduate.

Oh well…

I’m off to work on the website, update the registration lists, print attendance sheets for tomorrow, lay out clothes for school/teaching/etc., put new sheets on the bed and try to find my desk somewhere under the stapler, David’s mittens, three costume catalogs, a bunch of show music CD cases, my new 2008 wildlife calendar, an empty pina colada yogurt container (eew Chuck), my empty Jelly Belly bag (guilty), and a million other loose pieces of paper that make Bekah crazy.

A typical day in the life.

Watch for photos coming soon….

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