So today my dad asked me on the phone what I ultimately want to do with my life. It was an easy answer. In order, here it is:

1. Be the world’s most amazing mommy.

2. Dance in someone else’s company for a while, just to absorb their choreography and not be the one who is always responsible for being creative.

3. See my own original show produced the way I envision it… with the original score, the sets built out completely, and the cast to go with the vision!

Funny how nowhere in there is owning a dance studio or any of the things on my resume thus far. Hmmm…

So, then the question becomes how to become a better mommy. I started by making “Wally Cooper” cookies with David tonight – sugar cookies cut into the shape of Mini Coopers. 🙂 Tomorrow is fun day for most the day… Garrett will hopefully be around to play with in the afternoon, and perhaps even Myrlanda! I’m thinking a nice long round of Candy Land ought to make life a little better and win me points on the mommy meter for David. As for Elijah, all he wants to do is cuddle, sing and bang on things with me. My kind of kid.

Whose company would I dance with? Well, it no longer exists, but Manhattan Tap was IT for me. So then my guess is Mark’s company since we get along so well and I love to storytell… however, our styles are dramatically different, so who knows? Julie Cartier has hinted before, but I’m not sure what the status of ETC is these days… seems like they’re slowing down. If Nicole Kostura was still doing stuff, that would make sense since we’re near eachother. I’m afraid I’m just a little too old and safe for Andrew Nemr’s Cats Paying Dues, though I’d love to give it a try one day. What I need is a dash of Michelle Dorrance or Roxane Butterfly in my blood to get the fire lit again. And some time to practice. Grrr.

Then there are the details of the show. Well, that’s for another time and place. There’s a lot to tell. But I’m counting on a few beautiful people from each of the strange lives I’ve lived to all come together at some point to create with me.

We’ll see. For now, I sleep and rise with small children who love me and that makes my world go ’round.


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