Image Change

So, I’ve made the appointment… Tuesday, March 4th, I’m meeting with Frank Elliott, a national educator in professional image development who is also a hair designer and color specialist and sits on the cosmetology license board in PA and works with chemo patients through the American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program…

It’s time for a makeover, people.

I look like something the cat dragged in – a frazzled, scraggly frump of a ballet teacher rather than a full-of-life, tear-up-the-floor tap dancer that can still dance circles around people. The gray is starting to set in. I walked up to my friend Olga at church last week and complimented her on her new hairstyle. Her response (to my horror) was, “Oh my God – you’re going GRAY!” As I told my friends, remind me to compliment her clothing this week! Talk about brutal honesty!

Another tell tale moment was when my acting class was learning about “typing”. The kids all identified what type they thought everyone was at first glance, and when it came around to me they were all like “Caregiver!”, “Ruler!”, etc. I took off my glasses and shook out my hair (which had been in my ever-trusty bun) and there were teenage exclamations of “OH MY GOD! She’s like the 16-year-old girlfriend! Lover! WHO ARE YOU!?!” They were totally freaked out that I wasn’t the matriarch they loved and knew… 🙂

Anyway. I watch my old friends from a distance, and based on their current lifestyles and engagements, I can picture them out after their weekly gigs at nightclubs around Chicago, wearing killer heels, perfect makeup, and definitely having “good” hair… So I’ve decided to join them and try to remember who I am again. I’ve spent so many years being a dance teacher and a mommy that I’ve nearly forgotten how to “own it”.

Teaching college students helped, too. It reminded me that there are different boundaries outside the 3 to 18 year old dance studio world, and that I am a GROWNUP and am allowed to talk about things, choreograph things and explore artistically and personally those themes that are otherwise restricted in the classroom!

Anyway. I’ll keep all of you posted. And I promise I’ll post before and after pictures.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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