Ah, Mondays…

Monday is a colossal waste of time, if you ask me.

The phone starts ringing at 7:45 (not kidding), and the rest of the day is spent scurrying to finish cleaning the downstairs, put away laundry, feed and clothe kids, get dressed, make a “to do” list, locate my Anything Goes choreography notes, talk to Chuck about the contract for the auditorium rental, print a cast list, approve the t-shirt design for the show, print out a copy of the recital checklist for Chuck, plunk out a few notes on the keyboard to try and discern the random page of music that has appeared in “Heaven Hop”, create the Dress Rehearsal schedule, call the CDT yet again to alert them to my missing paper, reply to 16 emails, talk to Wendy on the phone about driving Friday and Saturday night, call my dad, call my mom, eat lunch, read to David (Go Dog Go, Backyardigans Jungle Colors, Jitter with a Bug, and Doggies by Sandra Boynton – the BEST), drop David off at Coralee’s, drop Elijah off at Karen’s, drop Micah off at swim practice, teach NOT ENOUGH of Heaven Hop at rehearsal, race back to teach off the wall MakeBelievables and Showstoppers kids, cook a microwave dinner, teach pointe and ballet tech, run to the office to print student evaluation forms for Katie to fill out, scan and save Heaven Hop notes, check email…

Only the slightly psychotic would get to the end of this day and feel like they had not accomplished anything.

Welcome to the loony bin, as we call it. 🙂

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