Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long, but I’m glad recital packets are finally done. If you’ve gotten yours, you’ll know that I put HOURS into making sure they were thorough and correct. And believe it or not, Jordyn found the first (of I’m sure many) boo-boos. I have somehow managed to schedule SIX numbers in the 12:00 time slot for dress rehearsal instead of THREE. Amazing, I know. So my job tonight is to tackle that one. Fun, fun, always fun around here! J

On with the schizophrenic post…

Happy St. Paddy’s to all of you – I miss Chicago on this holiday. The green beer, the green river, the corned beef and cabbage…. It just isn’t the same in central Pennsylvania!

Don’t forget that I have a poll up on my blog about our summer Faith & Art retreat. Let me know your thoughts! It’s hard to believe that registration starts two weeks from tomorrow! Wow. So we move on to the beautiful Summer brochure… and you thought I sat and ate bon-bons all day!

And on a fun note, here’s a picture of me and David after his birthday party last week. We had a total blast with everyone… Oh, and digging through some old pictures I found (while looking for my installation CD for Quickbooks), I found this poignant picture of Chuck and David.

There’s a reason they say pictures are worth far more than words.

Please take a quick second and join me in remembering the men and women who have fallen fighting for our freedom.


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