This Week

It’s getting closer and closer to recital time, and now that the orientation party is over, it’s officially countdown time! Congratulations to everybody that won prizes at the recital orientation party this weekend. It was so fun to see little Kayla Davis in her “stage lips” and Michelle Sanders with her chopsticks through her bun! Here are the prizes we gave out:

Personal ad in the program (Denise Brooks)
Personal ad in the program (
Garment bag (Jessica Myers)
Makeup bag with hair kit (Jordyn Brooks)
2 tickets to recital (Natasha Bolar)
2 tickets to recital (


So here’s the reminder list for this week:

1.       Parent Volunteer Forms are due tomorrow!

2.       Wednesday the Hip-Hop 2 and Hip-Hop 3-5 classes will have a joint class. Hip-Hop 2 should plan to stay from 7:30 to 8:45 and Hip-Hop 3-5 should plan to stay from 8:15 to 9:30. Elara will leave Setting the Stage a couple minutes early.

3.       Friday is the teaching assistant meeting from 5:00 to 5:30. Let me know right away if you can’t make it!

4.       Mr. Chuck’s birthday is Thursday the 17th!!!


My recital to do list (for those of you who are interested J):
Finish choreography for: Ballet Tech, Beginning Pointe, Loathing, Trip Hop, Men’s Tap, Next Step Ballet and Next Step Tap
Record choreograph from archive for Accelerated Tap
Email to costume committee regarding what’s left to do
Buy purple chiffon
Contact president of PSU Thespians re: cyc rental
Email/call possible advertisers in program

Finish cutting everyone’s music
Fill ticket orders
Reminder phone calls to hip-hop classes
Schedule joint rehearsal for adult tap classes
Purchase paper for certificates
Continue working on program
Sort t-shirts once they arrive
Finish finding dress rehearsal parent helpers
Recruit more bake sale people
Find person to run video sales
Find person to run bake sale
Find box office people
Find ushers

Exchange Weissman’s costumes
Call to follow up on Liberts and Weissman’s orders
Start script for awards ceremony
Get Katie’s honor student list
Order trophies and ribbons

My other stuff to do list:
Create Excel class lists and master tracking page for summer classes
Email Amy Brandt and George Patterson
Reply to prospective student emails
Design ad for Grapevine
Call Gilbert re: hip-hop workshop
Email Becky re: summer schedule and hours
Purge clothes and give to charity
Pack away winter clothes, Elijah’s 6-9 month clothes, David’s 2T and 3T stuff
Find Elijah’s box of shoes in the attic

So it’s another one of those weeks… 34 days and counting!!!!

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