So yesterday was better (it would have been hard to be worse than Thursday)!

David is nearly potty trained. For those of you with small children in diapers, you know how ridiculously thrilling this is.

We spent wonderful family time together yesterday, going to the library, listening to the church bells, walking in our big back yard…

I finished my Jazz 2 piece, which was a huge relief, and then had a teaching assistant meeting. Only downside is that two out of 5 assistants were there! Hrm.

Then last night, I sat and watched the Sopranos with Chuck, and we had this great conversation about how the writer of the show is really only using the show as a vehicle to discuss greater themes in life – dealing with aging parents, the relative morality of society today, hypocracy within organized religion, etc. He never intended for it to be just a “gratuitous violence” kind of show, which is what made it so successful, in my opinion. Not to mention that the writing is UNREAL and the acting is equally as mind-blowing.

Last but not least, I got my genealogy binder started last night while watching the re-run. I realized that I have so many blanks to fill in, even just to get five complete generations worth of information. I can go very deep in several of the lines, but I don’t have a clue about my great-grandparents’ generation for the most part. Interesting. All the genealogy stuff I have says that people love the sleuthing part of the search, but that it is so rewarding to find out that you have a history and that you BELONG in the grand scheme of humanity somewhere. So far, I know that I have Dutch ancestors who settled a portion of New York, and some French Huguenot, and potentially (though it’s hearsay until I confirm it) a direct line to Captain James Cook of Australia fame.

They’re right – there’s something wildly satisfying about knowing your roots. And it reminds you that life is bigger than Thursdays.


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