Energizer Bunny Monday

What a busy week this week! High School Musical camp is going well – I never thought I’d learn so much about Sharpay trivia. And did you  know that there is a crazy page on imdb.com that lists all the “goofs” in the movie? It is AMAZING how many there are… and they’re bad ones, too. But then most kids wouldn’t pick up on the little things like that, I guess. J As Chuck put it, it’s Grease for today’s kids. But not quite as good.

We did a fun combo in Tap Tech today – a little soft shoe tribute to the stuff I used to do with Barb back in the day. Nice to see kids getting their weight transfer straightened out and a little involuntary swing in their footwork. Lumiere II is doing a GREAT job on their choreography – they’re almost done learning their piece for the November 8th Broadway Connection show already!

Less than a month until Amy Brandt is here!



P.S. David says, “Bonjour, Isabelle. Ca va?” and “CHOCOLAT!” to Charles & Coralee’s neighbor, a retired French teacher. That’s MY 3 year old. Proud. J

2 thoughts on “Energizer Bunny Monday

  1. Hello Sarah. I was looking through pictures recently and found your photo and wanted to contact you and see how you are doing.

  2. Every time I see your post title I think of the Bunny Hop, and then it gets stuck in my head!

    Oh well, such is life! Any thought about the trip to the cabin?

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