So I finally get to go on vacation to our parents’ little RV/trailer camp for about 4 days, and follow it up with my goddaughter Jenn’s wedding in Binghamton, New York this week! Classes are filling up now, and I hope everyone gets into the classes they want. I think the schedule looks GREAT this year, and there are a lot of kids that are choosing dance over sports and other extracurricular activities this semester. It’s been a long time trying to create value and encourage parents and their kids to explore the arts with the same energy they spend elsewhere. Excited for the change in our studio companies and the positive vibes coming into the studio from Amy Brandt, Gilbert (new hip-hop teacher!) and soon, George Patterson. I have so many great new ideas and surprises for kids this fall – I hope everyone REALLY feels like a family after this year.

Here’s a breakdown of how things look so far:

The following classes ARE going and have space (though some have only a couple spots left) – Creative Ballet, Ballet Technique 1, Ballet Technique 2, Jazz/Hip-Hop 1, Tap Technique 2, Tap Technique 2 Teen/Adult, Tapaholics, Stage & Screen 2.

The following classes have LOADS of people who have told me they want to take, but haven’t turned in forms yet – Ballet Workout/Pointe Prep, Ballet 1, Jazz Tech 1, Jazz Tech 2, Happy Feet, Tap 1, Tap Tech 1, Tap 1 Teen/Adult, Tap Tech 1 Teen/Adult, Hip-Hop Tech 1 and Hip-Hop Tech 2. FYI – there are definitely more people interested than there are slots for some of these classes, so to make sure you don’t end up on the waitlist, mail your registration and payment in as soon as possible. We also will be here tomorrow (Sunday) and most of Monday if you want to stop by.

All classes for Broadway Connection still have space available.

Email me this weekend with questions, or leave me a voicemail at 364-2424 while I’m gone. I’ll be checking messages and returning phone calls, but won’t have access to email as of Tuesday.

Happy weekend!


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