Step by step…

The last week has been ridiculous, and full of every heartache imaginable. From little David having the worst first day at school EVER, to losing students I’ve poured my soul into over the years, it has pretty much just been a whirlwind of sadness. Not to mention that:
1. The Keener’s were in a car wreck this weekend, and we’re still waiting and praying like mad for Brenda to pull through
2. Martha’s grandpa died
3. Olivia’s uncle has brain cancer and is going through surgery right now
4. Bekah wrenched her neck in ballet class tonight and can’t look down anymore
5. Ziantha’s aunt is on her deathbed
6. Poor Jordyn’s achilles tendonitis is hanging on for dear life, despite physical therapy
7. My psycho chiropractor cracked my back to help alleviate the grinding in my rotator cuffs, and now it’s worse than ever and my knee hurts again.
8. I did a 2nd leap in Jazz Tech 1 today and strained my right hip flexor. Good job, Sar.
9. Richard from Holy Trinity is so terribly, terribly sad after the death of his mother.

And in comparison the fact that my house looks like a bomb went off and my camera is STILL missing seem so trivial… however, their the icing on the cake right now.

Do you ever have those days where you try so very hard to make things right, but everything goes wrong? Today was that day. So my goal of this post is to find the things that went right and that were good today.

1. Elijah and I laughed and blew raspberries at eachother all morning.
2. David had music class with Mrs. Pritchard, and she taught him how to “stomp his feet to talk to God” – I had a “Holly Torbic” moment when I heard that
3. I got all the registrations entered in Quickbooks for Chuck, so we can at least tell where we stand for the semester.
4. I made pan-seared tilapia and mashed potatoes for my lunch.
5. I drank no caffeine today!
6. I started the “Splitz Club” today – congratulations to Aria Sakona, Kelley Sherlock, and Jordyn Brooks!
7. Vicki took my ballet class tonight and said she’d like to come back. It’s always a nice compliment to have another teacher take from you.
8. I talked to my mom on the phone and she said that the old captain of her basketball team emailed her after seeing her at their reunion. 🙂
9. Elijah talked to “Grampy Russ” today on the cell phone. He very clearly said “Grampa” mid-conversation.
10. David told me that I was his friend and that he loved me before he fell asleep on my shoulder.

I knew I could do it. And tomorrow is Thursday… which means coffee treat for myself and playdate at Holmes Foster Park with Holly and the twins. Ah, adult conversation! I hope the Swishers are there.

So I guess we move forward, one foot in front of the other, right? 🙂 I always tell Chuck to trust God and He’ll show us the way, even if it’s uncomfortable for a while. Step by step…

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