8 days!!!

Went to the eye doctor yesterday and got a new prescription for contacts. Apparently, I’ve had one that was approximately three powers too strong for my eyes for the last five to six years. No wonder I’ve had headaches and neckaches. Right now, I’m really struggling to relax my right eye and just allow it to focus properly. It’s gonna take some doing, I’m afraid.  

Been going to bed around 1 or 2 a.m. every night and getting up with the boys around 7ish. Not bad, honestly. But I’m tired. Doing a show without any administrative help is killer. I’m so grateful for Jordyn, who watches the boys on Saturday for me. It really helps me get a couple good hours of work in when I’m awake!

I took a look at my last list, and here’s an update:

Still trying to recruit parent helpers for green room/dress rehearsal/etc (still amazed at how 90% of the work is always done by the same people – I love you, guys.)
Facebook listing for the VIP party
Press release, ticket order forms and info to Robeson Center
Finish scanning ads for program
– Pull costumes out of thin air for jazz piece
Fill ticket orders
Distribute posters to MNMS and Dress Barn
– Find authentic vintage instructions for Crunch II kids
– Confirm videography; call WPSX for more info
Need volunteers: box office, runners, video sales, VIP party
– Bouquet orders for Amy & George
– Gifts for guest artists
– Schedule Jade rehearsal(s)
Refresh “Good News” (my solo)
– Costume for Good News
– Get my Mozart pants hemmed
– Finish Crunch II costumes
– Elastic in Crunch hats
– rent floor mics
– confirm gel colors with Chuck/Zeke/Alosha
– print blank cue sheets; start to think about lighting cues, etc.
– figure out costume for Saturday classes (so far I’ve been a cat, a black eyed pea, Audrey Hepburn, and Election Headquarters this week!)
– TRICK OR TREAT!!! We’re going to head to State College and hit Fun Unleashed at 4:00 p.m., I think. We have a TGIF’s coupon, so we might hit a couple of neighborhoods after a little dinner with the boys. I’m so excited!!!!

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