Merry Christmas!

Wow – what a whirlwind Christmas was this year! It’s amazing how having two little ones changes the magic of the holidays! Here’s my top 10 mom list of favorite moments this year:
1. 1st brotherly sledding experience
2. The snowman who never got all the way built
3. Elijah’s face when the elf handed him his own jingle bell at the Polar Express story time at Schlow
4. David belting out Silent Night, Do You See What I See and Go Tell it on he Mountain over and over again
5. The boys hovering over the train as it kept losing its caboose when it went around the back of the tree.
6. Telling the kids that Santa WAS going to come this year and fill the stockings.
7. Seeing how excited David got when I told him that Santa had turned the train on downstairs overnight.
8. Baking cookies, pretzels, bread, etc with the kids.
9. Seeing the boys play together in the tub with their new “FrogPod” – wish I’d had this four years ago!
10. Listening to David & Elijah fight over which one was going to sweep with the new talking broom and which one was going to vaccum with the fully functioning mini vaccum cleaner. WOOHOO!

Here are some photo memories…

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