80 days…

Costumes are coming in already – so exciting! I’m very impressed with Liberts, Baum’s and Theatre House this year. They turned things that they had in stock around to me in less than three days, despite having other items that were on backorder. Yay for customer service!

I’ve got a couple little orders left to do online – some capris, bandannas, props, a few tutus, etc. But for the most part, all I have left is shopping for hoodies, tshirts and ribbon! Feeling pretty good about getting things rolling right on schedule this year. Oh, and the show shirt is designed – it’s awesome this year. Check it out:

Today is 80 days out from dress rehearsal, so I’m working on finishing up the pieces that go in the recital handbook:
1. Ticket order form
2. DVD order form
3. Tshirt order form
4. Parent Volunteer form
5. Hair/Perfect Bun sheets
6. Makeup sheets
7. Individualized costume sheets
8. Advertising information
9. Dress rehearsal schedule
10. Top 10 FAQ

All row assignments are done for dress rehearsal, so next is room assignments and changers for backstage. I had a nightmare last night that I forgot to do all of the certificates that the kids get during curtain call. It’s begun already!

Busy day… Tuesdays are LONG! Off to the doctor with David, back for lunch, hurry and work a little, teach from 2:50 until 9:30 straight through. Ugh.


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