59 days!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! I can’t believe we have only 8 weeks of class left until dress rehearsal. I’m starting to flip out about some of my pieces. Here’s what I’ve finished:
1. Lumiere II – Ice Cream
2. Crunch II – Mama Don’t Allow
3. Tapaholics – Shim Sham, Boogie Chorus, 30’s BS Chorus
4. Lumiere – Can’t Buy Me Love
5. Cinderella – Introduction, The Quarrel, The Father, The Sister’s New Clothes, Fairy Godmother I & II, Fairy Attendants

Here’s what’ll be finished within the next week or two:
1. Cinderella – The Dancing Lesson, Cinderella’s Waltz & Finale, Pixies
2. Tap Tech 1 – Walking on Sunshine
3. Crunch – Chameleon
4. Happy Feet – Yankee Doodle Dandy
5. Jazz Tech 2 – Mercy

Here’s what is causing me great panic:
1. Stage & Screen – Grease Medley
2. Opening Number – Swing Sisters Swing
3. Cinderella – Abbie’s solo
4. Tap Tech 2 – On Broadway
5. Jazz Tech 1 – Shackles

Obviously, I do the bulk of the choreography for the show, so I have a lot of work to do yet. Fortunately, half of my classes meet twice a week, so that means I have way more time to finish and clean their pieces then usual. Thankful for that!

Parent Observation Week (aka Recital packet week) is over, so now I can really focus on the fun stuff. Here’s my lovely to do list for the rest of March!
– Finish sending back costumes that didn’t fit
– Arrange alterations for three or four costumes
– Tack tutus
– Cinderella props
– Purchase miscellanous costume items and accessories
– Work on hair and headpieces, including attaching elastic to all hats
– Send final cast list to tshirt company
– Edit my music
– Get edited music from teachers, approve & create playlist in iTunes
– Organize parent helpers for dress rehearsal
– Order tshirts
– Assign rows for dress rehearsal
– Assign rooms for recital
– Assign changers/room monitors for recital
– Call advertisers re: program
– Find bake sale guru
– Call dance stores and magazines about Academy Awards
– Arrange flower order
– Choose Academy Awards
– Choose honor students
– Double check perfect attendance awards – order ribbons and pins
– Design & proof program
– Print posters
– Order trophies
– Merge certificates
– Buy paper, seals & envelopes for certificates
– Print tickets – drop off to Centre Printing to copy and cut
– Find stage left manager
– Set up teaching assistant meeting
– Pick up tickets
– Post “no more absences” signs
– Plan recital orientation party
– Find one more box office volunteer
– Confirm dates/times with videographer
– Flower sales volunteers
– Reschedule ballet workout on dress rehearsal day
– Assign runners
– Security check in/out adults for dress rehearsal and recital
– Tshirt sales & DVD sales volunteers
– 4 ushers

That’s actually through April 15th, because after that is ridiculous… everything from sorting and labeling costumes to merging certificates to filling ticket orders. There’s no business like show business!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Sarah

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