34 days and counting…

Just 34 days until Dress Rehearsal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a week. Wednesday, my grandfather (Mom’s dad) passed away, and I had no idea how much of a tailspin it would put me in, despite knowing it was coming for a long time. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and helpful hugs throughout the last few days. I’m glad to be going to spend some much needed time with my mom on Easter weekend. In the meantime, I have to finish a bunch of things so I can relax for about 24-48 hours, something unheard of the month before a recital!

We’re coming along, though. Show T-shirts get here this week, tickets sales look good, parent volunteer forms are in, and this week is Summer registration!

Here’s my schedule the next two days:

7AM – Handy Manny with David & Elijah; breakfast; COFFEE
8AM – change voicemail
8:30AM – shower, dress, pack David’s Monday bag for Grandma & Pap-Pap’s house
10AM – brunch with Rhonda and the kids
11:30AM – pick up Summer brochures, paper for certificates
12:00PM – head back home, check email/messages/etc. Order flowers for my Grandma Betsy and my mom. Update website, send email campaign, print and complete recommendations for Monday students, work on exporting mailing lists, update Chuck’s guitar flyer, email studio companies re: Broadway Connection video orders, enter checks in Quickbooks, call Faith Loesch, Find Cinderella props (see post below)
3:00PM – clean studio; change clothes
4:15PM – teach
9:00PM – check email; finish mailing lists, create class lists for Summer 2009; dinner

7AM – breakfast, make lunch for David, sign permission slips, thank you notes for friends, get David ready for school
8:30AM –  usher David & Daddy out the door (reminder to sign up for conferences)
9:30AM  – Elijah naps? Mommy tries to shower and get ready with enough time to drink a cup of coffee and check email
10:30AM – recommendations, leftovers from Monday, check attendance records, call dance stores/magazines about awards, schedule headpiece day, choose awards, order trophies/ribbons/pins, schedule teaching assistant meeting, confirm dates/times with videographer, assign changers/runners/etc.,
12:00PM – lunch
1:15PM – David home; clean up downstairs, check with Chuck on brochure
2:50PM – private with Madeline
4:00PM – teach
9:30PM – dinner; work on picture day schedules

Here is the status of my pieces…

Act 1 of Cinderella (Side note: I am now dancing the part of the Governess (in a tutu and hopefully en pointe)… no pressure!!!!!!!!!!!)
Ice Cream – Lumiere II
Mama Don’t Allow – Crunch II
Can’t Buy Me Love – Lumiere
Shim Sham/Boogie Chorus/BS Chorus – Tapaholics
Walking on Sunshine – Tap Tech 1
Yankee Doodle Dandy – Happy Feet
Mercy – Jazz Tech 2 (with the first fouette turns in PAA recital history… keep your fingers crossed!)
Chameleon – Crunch
CINDI’S PIECE: Friend Like Me – KinderMoves

Swing Sisters Swing – Opening Number (done, but I just showed them the end one time and that was it)
Grease Medley – Stage & Screen (need to cut end of music)
Jazz Tech 1 – Shackles (NOT EVEN CLOSE)
Tap Tech 2 – On Broadway (:18 left)

CINDI: My Favorite Things – Tiny Dancers
CINDI: Great Balls of Fire – Jazz/Hip-Hop 1
GILBERT: Hip-Hop Tech 1 & 2

Too tired to think. Going to bed. G’night!



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