33 days!

I’m getting nervous now. Need to start getting more sleep – my brain is just not able to keep up with the amount of work and the sheer volume of information coming these days! I’ve decided I also need a detox for my body… I’m going to buy some tea and get moving in the right direction. With every single relative on my mom’s side of the family dying from cancer over the years, I figure I’d better get on top of my health as early as possible. Chuck is now gluten-free, so I picked up a bunch of things at Wegman’s for him yesterday. Yay for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies! I’ve only had success with one bread so far, but I’ve learned that oat flour tastes great… and it’s easy to make your own in the Cuisinart. I have to see if I can find something to help lighten up the bread a little… the lack of gluten just makes it heavy as lead!

My feet are a mess after working Ballet Tech 2 on pointe today, but my left Achilles is ok (by some grace of God). The knee is good… I think the trick is to REALLY keep them warm and spend a couple of hours slowly warming up before hitting it full out. Thanks to Liz for my much needed toe jelly squishy thing tonight… I now have a Morton’s toe developing – never had that before I had kids. But then I wore a completely different shoe size back then, too! Amazing what a couple kids can do to the body!

Show T-shirts came today, Summer registration started today… not too much chaos just yet. Picked up Summer brochures, updated website, printed and completed recommendations for Monday students, dropped off brochures to Corman’s, entered checks in Quickbooks, ordered flowers for my Grandma Betsy and my mom.

What I didn’t get done today… buy paper for certificates, change voicemail, send email campaign, update Chuck’s guitar flyer, email studio companies re: Broadway Connection video orders, call Faith Loesch, Find Cinderella props (see post below), create class lists for Summer 2009 (this is going to be much much later than this week)

7AM – breakfast, make lunch for David, sign permission slips, thank you notes for friends, get David ready for school
8:30AM –  usher David & Daddy out the door (reminder to sign up for conferences)
9:30AM  – Elijah naps? Mommy tries to shower and get ready with enough time to drink a cup of coffee and check email
10:30AM – recommendations, leftovers from Monday, check attendance records, call dance stores/magazines about awards, schedule headpiece day, choose awards, order trophies/ribbons/pins, schedule teaching assistant meeting, confirm dates/times with videographer, assign changers/runners/etc.,
12:00PM – lunch
1:15PM – David home; clean up downstairs, check with Chuck on brochure
2:50PM – private with Madeline
4:00PM – teach
9:30PM – dinner; work on picture day schedules

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