19 Days to rehearsal/27 days to concert

So apparently, you’re not allowed to have tea parties to boycott the recital process. If you were, I think today I might be prone to organize one. Officially, I am tired. Between my grandfather passing away a few weeks ago and the strain of having two kids and no administrative help, I’m just run down. However, I’ve decided that since this is our “Bright Week” (the week after our Orthodox Easter), I am going to find all the beautiful things I can to focus all of my attention on. In addition, I’m going to be sure that my house is in order and I am personally put together when I start the day, too.

Before I forget, though, here are my opinions on yesterday’s current events:

1.       The Miss USA Organization needs to get their act together and stop hiring judges who are controversial.

2.       Janeane Garafalo should just give it a rest. For those of you that watch NBC, consider switching networks.

3.       I’m overjoyed the entire world now knows our interrogation tactics and can properly train their combatants.

On that happy note… Today, I’m dressed “to the shoes” (as FlyLady would call it), and I’m thrilled that I have new Cover Girl makeup and powder. Nothing like a little makeup to put a former beauty queen in the right mood for her day. HA! I’m also done checking and replying to my email and processing all the parent helper forms. On to my to do list for today:

1.       Buy t-shirts for Tapaholics, Crunch 2, Jazz Tech 1

2.       Call Costume Gallery AGAIN about my missing fuscia cane and the 8 collar and cuff pairs that are MIA.

3.       Work on gluing on ribbons, wings, hats, etc.

4.       Find costume volunteers to trim tutus, alter Martha’s pants, shorten cape, etc.

5.       Recruit more parent volunteers for bake sale, etc.

6.       Get music from Gilbert

7.       Finish room assignments/changers

8.       Call Physique Boutique re: ads

9.       Call Dance Spirit Magazine re: awards

10.   Call Centre Video Services re: telecasting to the hospital

11.   Buy hoodie for Brandon

12.   Order black leotard, new pointe shoes for Cinderella (AHHH!)

13.   Work on program

14.   Change into pj’s for class

15.   Drink water. Lots of it…

Time now for me to run!

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