18 days and counting


1.       All t-shirts fit and look good.

2.       Costume Gallery shipment (called yesterday) is out for delivery and will be arriving TODAY. That is some serious customer service!

3.       Other than a couple hats the fell apart or needed adjusting yesterday, all the headpieces are basically done. Big thanks to Jordyn & Jessica for doing elastic on hats and to Elara, Katicia & Aria for hot gluing a million pairs of wings and making bows for Tap Tech 1! Need to finish Ayla’s maid headpiece and cut all the ribbons for Tiny Dancers.

4.       Tutus are being tacked and Alosha’s shirt sleeves are being altered. Still need more things done (see below).

5.       I need 3 more parent helper volunteers for various things – flower sale, bake sale, ushering. Also need a couple floaters and on-call costume people for dress rehearsal.

6.       Gilbert forgot music.

7.       Room assignments are done. Changers are up in the air for Quick Change, finished for Choir Room and little kids.

8.       Left message for Physique Boutique a week ago. Busy phone all day yesterday. Emailed all prior advertisers about program advertising.

9.       Didn’t call Dance Spirit yet.

10.   Left message this morning for Centre Video.

11.   Haven’t bought hoodie, because I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN OUTDOORS!!!

12.   Need to order leotard still. Going to Physique for my pointe shoes, even though I found them for dirt cheap online. If I weren’t getting a new size, it wouldn’t matter.

13.   Program. Yeah, right.

14.   Drinking lots of water, and I’m still sick. Better now than in a few weeks, I suppose!


To do for today:

1.       Call Dance Spirit

2.       Call Tammy about flower sale

3.       Call Physique Boutique about ads, awards, pointe shoes

4.       Clean my kitchen, put away laundry.

5.       Find costume volunteer to fluff and cut off Ballet Tech 1 tutus

6.       Find costume volunteer to alter Martha’s pants

7.       Print bake sale sign up list

8.       Recruit three more volunteers for dress rehearsal, three more volunteers for recital

9.       Make meatloaf for lunch/dinner J

10.   Order nude leo/black leo.

11.   Try on formal gowns for awards ceremony!

12.   Type up backstage room assignments

13.   Remind Gilbert about music

14.   Call PVHS about apron for Abbie


Gotta run!

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