12 days!!

Why is it that the stomach flu and mandatory attendance ALWAYS happen at the same time in the spring?? Grrr. Elijah and I were both up all night last night. I’ve been able to keep down apple juice, but that ‘s about all I’m brave enough for today.

What I’ve accomplished so far: downloaded Melody Gardot’s new album, My One and Only Thrill (FANTASTIC!!!), emailed my dad David’s order for “garage door” parts so that he can build his miniature garage, talked to Mrs. McGinniss about Kelly making the JV dance team at her new high school (WOOHOO!!! Yay for private coaching!). Other than that, I’ve checked email, updated FB & Twitter, posted to my blogs and checked my scary to do list for things that won’t make me sick. Here’s my verdict for the day:



          Enter DVD orders on spreadsheet

          Costume email to outline what I still need help with alteration-wise

          Teach at 2:50 until 9:30… and try to stay healthy.

Have a good day, everyone. Get outside!


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