Wow. Last day for a lot of things… last Crunch rehearsal with Kayla, Bilyana and Gergana. Last jazz class with Jordyn, Ayla and Elara… it’s going to be interesting to see all the changes the summer brings. A few notes to everyone about important ways to take care of yourself before the recital this weekend: 1) drink LOTS of water. No less than 64 oz. a day. 2) Get lots of rest. Remember that you CAN go to bed early! 3) Take your vitamins. 4) Baby those injuries and be smart about your footwear. 5) If you have Track & Field day tomorrow, please don’t tear a hamstring or something. 6) Do something fun and remember that this weekend is going to be GREAT!!!

For those of you who haven’t heard, we are almost sold out. We have only 30 odd tickets left, so you may want to swing by the studio or call before just showing up at the box office on Sunday. There’s nothing more exciting than performing to a sold out house!!!

And yes, I have definitely decided to dance en pointe despite my injury… the old lady is back up on her shoes!

On another note, I have emailed the Center for the Performing Arts about Thank You, Gregory. Let’s see if we can show the tap community our support at this show – it promises to be the best tap concert you’ve seen yet. If you haven’t heard, Jason Samuels Smith is confirmed. He’s worth the price of admission all by himself. GET THERE!

Speaking of the tap community, I’m bummed that I couldn’t make it to Kaleena’s birthday bash in NYC tonight. I thought really hard about how I could make it all work and not go insane, but with the technical madness that happened last week, I was set back a couple of days and just won’t finish everything if I lost a whole day. On that note, I hope Kaleena has the time of her life hanging out with the best tappers in the world tonight! I’m such a proud “tap mommy”!

Gotta start on recital stuff for the night: stuffing envelopes, writing out honor cards, thank you notes, pre-show music, awards ceremony music, print cue sheets and runner sheets, wrap presents, and find shoes for my gown.

Counting down!!


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