WHEW! I spent a lot of the day with my kids – made a big difference for both of them. We painted, went to the Creamery (not a good move – I think I gained 6 pounds from the ridiculous ice cream cone they gave Elijah!), had a picnic lunch… it was a fun day!

Tonight, I printed my cue sheets and runner sheets, got the honor cards printed and filled out and then spent some time practicing. I know, unheard of. However, I am really nervous about not having danced full out in my pointe shoes on that crazy stage during rehearsal, so I want to make sure my choreography is clean. I changed one step to a sissone en pointe instead of a developpé relevé – much easier on the left ankle. Gotta love ibuprofen and BioFreeze. Speaking of which, did any of my advanced students borrow my tube of BioFreeze? I can’t find it anywhere?!?

I have only 12 tickets left, and people keep calling… so for those of you who need a ticket, you need to let me know right away!

Hope everyone has a happy Prom tomorrow… be safe!

Agenda for Saturday:

9:00 teach & work with Sadie on introduction
11:30 eat & work on shoes for Cinderella, call Lisa Bontrager
12:00 finish honor cards, stuff envelopes
12:30 pack props

1:00 pack recital box, trophies, pins, etc.
2:00 finalize all the music and make sure CDs work, sync iPod
2:30 write thank you notes, wash leotard, tights, dance pants, etc.
3:30 wrap presents
4:00 figure out black ribbon for my high heels

4:30 pack dress, hose, heels, etc.

5:00 practice

5:30 dinner, boys, Chuck

6:00 emergency stuff…


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