Congratulations to all my incredible new company members! This was a great audition year, and I was really pleased with how hard everyone worked. The Lumière audition was full of surprises, and the Crunch audition gave me all kinds of ideas for what we can work on as an ensemble this year! I’ll be appointing a Crunch Rehearsal Director soon, but here are the results otherwise:

Katie Haines (member)
Alosha Herrold (member)
Michelle Sanders (member)
Kayla Snyder (member)

Anna Bair (apprentice)
Alyssa Boob (apprentice)
Jana Bontrager (member)
Jordyn Brooks (member/Reh Dir)
Olivia Burd (apprentice)
Maggie Keener (apprentice)
Liz McNitt (member)
Sam Statham (member)

You guys did a great job tonight – I am so excited for the new year! Watch for an email from me with information about this summer and how to get into our studio company message boards to check for notes and other updates.

CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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