From the Desk of Miss Sarah

We had a great day today! I am super sore already, just from some double shuffles and a few maxi fords. The KinderMoves kids were really cute – I subbed for Kylie’s class today, since she had her wisdom teeth out this afternoon. They covered everything from “Catch a Falling Star” to tick tocks and twisty walks in one class! David is really excited to start with Miss Kylie next week. I hope it goes better than our last attempt. Nothing like being the studio owner’s kid… he was all over the studio last year, pushing buttons, doing whatever he felt like. And why wouldn’t he? It’s where he plays on a regular basis… it’s his turf! Hopefully having a different teacher (aka anyone but MOM) will help.

The boys got to hang out with Liz today. They love her so much. There’s nothing like hearing Elijah say “Leez”… so cute and almost French the way he says her name!

My personal website is now live: I’m really starting to explore options for my own performing and choreographing… which was the whole point of opening our studio in the first place! I entered the Capezio Award for Choreographic Excellence contest through Dance Teacher Magazine, and I’ve had a great shot in the arm in terms of my confidence. Today I’ve gotten to watch my video slowly climb up in votes, views and rating, and it’s reminded me that there is still so much creative energy that I have to access inside. It’s amazing how burned out you get as a dance teacher. We all love our students dearly and pour everything into them, including a ton of choreographic time and energy. In the end, we are left with so little to give that we forget our own accoutability to the art that lives inside us.

There’s a part of me that is just dying to go audition for Mark Yonally’s company on August 1st, but with two kids and a studio, there just isn’t a way to make it work. Heck, I can’t even make the rehearsal schedule at the Boal Barn work (Millie without killer tap = sad, sad, sad), let alone dancing with a company in another city! I’m thinking my best option is to start teaching at conventions and judging comps again. Lots of travel on the weekends, but a good way to reconnect with the dance community (outside FB)!

I’m excited to work with Lumiere this season – I have some ideas for them that will eventually grow into bigger works. As for Crunch, I’m leaning toward finding some Footprints or Footprints II work for them. There are only the three of them and they are fairly young — could use something good to sink their teeth into without getting frustrated.

On that note, it’s off to bed for me. Big day tomorrow. Teach from 3 to 7:30 straight through, with LOTS of dancing on my part… ballet, pointe, jazz, Lumière and then TAP & BURN!!!!!


One thought on “From the Desk of Miss Sarah

  1. I checked out that “Gimme One Reason” piece on your new website, and WOWWWW!!! I love that song, and it’s such a joy to watch what you hear in the music that I don’t even notice until I watch you dance. YES, you have such a lively creative spirit inside you. What a gift to the world.

    The dream is alive…someday I will have my chops back and I’ll have the honor of playing live to one of your pieces of choreography. I’ll settle for playing in the pit orchestra of the show you’ll produce.

    So proud of your new steps in the direction of your own dream!

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