Tips on Tuesdays

HAVE YOU HAD YOUR WATER TODAY? Even though it is off season for most dancers, it’s important to not drop the habit of carrying a water bottle wherever you go, especially during these hot summer months. Carrying your own water bottle will save you money from buying bottled water at the store and helps take care of the environment by ensuring there is less plastic going into landfills. You’ll also be less tempted to buy sugary drinks and snacks if you are properly hydrated. If you are unsure of exactly how much water you need to consume each day, I recommend taking your body weight in pounds and dividing it in half. The end number is the approximate number of ounces of water you should consume every day if you don’t have a class, rehearsal, or workout scheduled. If you are going to be dancing in the heat, remember that up to 2 liters of fluid (yes, like a 2 liter of soda at the store!) can be lost per hour during a rigorous class or rehearsal and you should add another 8 oz of water for every 20 minutes you are active!

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