Tips on Tuesday

Ok, kids – this one’s for you.  One of these days, mom isn’t going to pack your bag anymore, and it’s time to learn what goes in there the night before dance class!
Do you have your dance bag organized? Check to make sure you have all your shoes, an extra pair of tights, socks, bandaids (and whatever else you need for your feet if you’re on  pointe), legwarmers and other warm-ups, a brush and EVERYTHING you need to put your hair in a bun, if necessary! Some upper level students wear skirts in class, and there are many of you who should carry a sewing kit in your bag for your pointe shoes, too! Don’t forget to throw in a granola bar, your notebook and pen, and your water bottle. And please, if you need it, don’t forget your deodorant! 🙂

If you haven’t already seen them, we have NEW dance journals, dance bags and SIGG 1.0L bottles with our PAA logo on them just for you! You can purchase them and all our clothing and other warm up gear in the PAA Store!

Our new PAA Dance Journal!

Our new PAA Dance Journal!

Happy dancing – see you this week!

Miss Sarah

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