Let the games begin!

The madness is in full swing… costume ordering and altering, editing and mixing music, choreographing pieces, checking attendance records, choosing award winners, creating recital packets, order forms, tickets, programs, etc.

This year's t-shirt design!

Countdown to dress rehearsal is exactly 78 days. DO YOU BELIEVE IT?!?

You know that we LOVE this time of year. (And people wonder why I drink coffee!)

For those of you who haven’t been part of a PAA recital yet – feel free to ask any questions that you want on this blog by commenting. I’ll be happy to answer and I’m sure other people will respond, too!

On the upside, costumes are all chosen and ordered, and our custom t-shirt design is fabulous!

My project for today is to create the Excel spreadsheets to track the sizes, costs, and companies for all the costumes. Last year seems easy compared to this. Everyone has lots of little pieces from a million different places for this show! Once I’m done though, it’s fantastic because it automatically populates my master spreadsheet that says how much I’ve spent, how much was shipping and tax, how much I still have to purchase, etc. Pretty fun, if you’re an Excel geek.

Really excited to get all the costumes and start practicing with canes, wings, hats, and other props.

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