Scenery & Props Day

All right friends – let the set and prop building begin! We have our Mary Poppins work day on Monday from 4 to 6 at the studio, and all students and families are welcome to join us. Here are some items we need for that night.

1. Your leftover spray paint – Black, grey, hot pink, orange and brown
2. Corrugated cardboard (need about 17 dinner plate sized circles)
3. Skillsaw (to borrow!)
4. Cellophane (leftover scraps are great)
5. Colored curling ribbon
6. Newspaper
7. Hot glue guns
8. Miscellaneous ribbons good for the tails of kites
9. Staplers
10. Prayers for good weather!

See you Monday night!

Just a little over a month until dress rehearsal! SPIT SPOT!!!!

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