J.A.M. Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to our two winners of the JAM Cosmetics giveaway. The winner of the Young Dancer Recital Palette is Sarah Barber, and the winner of the Prima Diva Petite Kit is Katie Haines.

Remember that all our dancers will be wearing these colors and following the basic instructions that accompany these kits. You are not required to buy this makeup – but the colors are the exact ones you should be using in order to look great on stage! 

Students under age 6 will have separate makeup instructions, and all students will be given recital hair and makeup sheets this week in class.

As someone who has used stage makeup for years, I highly recommend these products to everyone. They are easy to use (I’ve used them!), fantastic in terms of quality (a little goes a REALLY long way), and a great investment for your dancer (keep them in your dance bag for years without the typical bacteria problems you get with other makeup). Although I by no means am requiring you to purchase any makeup, if you do choose to, please be sure to double check with me about which kit is right for your dancer. You can order through PAA (and get free shipping), or you can order straight from the website at http://www.jamcosmetics.net.

Greasepaint and spotlights,
Miss Sarah

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