New Studio Company Members!

Congratulations to all our new company members! Great auditions this year. I am REALLY looking forward to a year full of exciting friendships and teamwork!!!

2010 – 2011 CRUNCH! MEMBERS:
Jordyn Brooks (member)
Olivia Burd (apprentice)
Margaret Dunkelberger (member)
Katie Haines (member)
Ivie Russell (member)
Michelle Sanders (Rehearsal Director/member)
Kayla Snyder (member)
Abigail Traxler (apprentice)

Alyssa Boob (member)
Jordyn Brooks (Rehearsal Director/member)
Olivia Burd (apprentice)
Martha Dunkelberger (apprentice)
Christa Fohringer (apprentice)
Maggie Keener (Social Chair/apprentice)
Liz McNitt (member)
Sam Statham (member)
Abigail Traxler (apprentice)

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