Top 10 Things to Remember this Memorial Day

In the spirit of Memorial Day, we wanted to draw a few things to attention – in addition to remembering the beloved men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice as brave and heroic Americans.


PAA students in “Angel”, a 9/11 Tribute

1. You should put out your American Flag.
2. Your registration form for Summer is sitting on the kitchen counter. Just a gentle nudge to turn it in before classes start on June 4th (yes – just 10 days away)! Don’t have yours? Here
3. You need to make deviled eggs. This isn’t really true, but it sounds like a good Memorial Day Weekend reminder, doesn’t it?
4. You should remember today (Friday the 25th) is Missing and Exploited Children Awareness Day. Take a second to whisper a prayer!
5. You should mark on your calendar that June 8th is Movie Night at PAA! Miss Sarah will handpick a couple of favorite must-see dance movies and serve up lots of popcorn!
6. You should celebrate National Tap Dance Day today – Miss Sarah’s favorite day of the year! Besides Christmas… and Easter… and well, you get the point. Happy Tappy!
7. You should try the Decades Workout from our jazz classes! Watch for Facebook updates each Tuesday, or grab an advanced dancer and learn it from them! This week: Stayin’ Alive 70’s!
8. You should stop and thank a veteran today. Call them if you know one personally.
9. You should register for our FREE Mommy & Me CLASS on June 4th at 10 am! We hope you’ll spread the word about this great chance for caregivers and kids ages 2-1/2 to 5 to come boogie with us!
10. You should remember that the studio will be closed until Wednesday, however, Miss Sarah will be checking email for happy little love notes (and other registration questions) from students and parents. Please use this address for the quickest response.

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