Terrific Tuesday: Dancing Tonight!

Hurricane Sandy made it a crazy day or two, and some of our PAA families that were in flood zones are likely fighting to keep their sump pumps working right now. Some of you lost power, and we’re glad that it hasn’t been worse than a short-term outage or two. Please let us know if anyone needs help!

The GREAT news is that it hasn’t rained in a few hours here, and we are ready to dance tonight. Don’t forget that it’s costume week, and that means fun and silly time in classes, too. (I only take out my classical ballet soundtrack to Dracula and Michael Jackson’s Thriller once a year, and this is that night!)

Quick reminder that we DO have classes tomorrow night, too. Anyone who isn’t in class due to trick or treating or Light the Night activities, remember you may make up in any appropriate class before the end of the Fall semester.

See you soon!


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