Top 10 Boredom Busters for Dancers

Bored? Dying to grand plie or shuffle off to Buffalo? Here are some great ways to keep that dancers’ brain and body in tip-top shape while you’re snuggled down and the wind and snow swirl outside your window.

Top 10 Boredom Busters for Dancers

1. Hand wash your tights and leotards and hang them up to dry. I know you hate this, but I put the worst one first. And you KNOW you’ve been procrastinating.

2. Practice everything you know on the left foot. Or the right foot if you’re a left-footed dancer (I won’t mention any names – you know who you are)!

English: The Radio City Rockettes perform the ...

Radio City Rockettes perform the March of the Wooden Soldier at the Christmas Spectacular in Radio City Music Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Experiment with new ways to do your hair for class. Have you ever tried a french twist like the Rockettes wear? How about a french braid? See what creative ways you can find.  While you’re at it, play dress up!

4. Watch a dance movie on NetFlix. I’d go for something new – there are tons of options out there. Need an idea? Comment on our blog (not on Facebook) and I’ll shoot some suggestions out just for you!

5. Clean out your dance bag. Oh, gross. You know it has to happen. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Empty and throw away all the wrappers, spare change and other weird things you don’t recognize. Also remove dirty tights, leotards, legwarmers, etc. Add these to your load in #1. Repack with just what you need! Make a list if you need replacement bobby pins, bandaids, or other items.

6. Stretch while you read a great book. A wall stretch is great for this – just don’t fall asleep. Trust me… I speak from experience.

7. Run through all your recital dances from start to finish. Rinse, repeat. Rinse and repeat again. 🙂

8. Download copies of all your music so that you can practice with the right accompaniment. If you need help, comment here and we’ll try to help you.


Skype (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9. Skype practice with a dance buddy. Girls in Dance Production, this is a GREAT idea for you!

10. Color pictures of dancers to decorate our waiting room. Here’s a link to fantastic coloring pages!

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