Summer 2013 Schedule

Four BallerinasRegistration materials for our Summer 2013 session will be out shortly. However, for your planning purposes, we thought we’d shoot the schedule out to you now!

This year, we will run a six-week session that begins on May 14th, immediately following our Spring semester. Because students are still in school, we felt that there would be fewer conflicts with vacations and more opportunity for dancers to participate if we finished up our summer semester by the end of June.

Interested in our Princess Tea Party? The Central PA Tap Explosion? They’re in the works… keep your eyes and ears open!

Please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at pennacadarts (at) if you have any questions!

7:00 pm Crunch Productions (tap company)
8:00 pm Lumiere (ballet & jazz company)

4:00 pm Ballet 1-2
5:00 pm Jazz 1-2
6:00 pm Ballet Technique (Levels 3+)
7:30 pm Jazz Technique (Levels 3+)

4:00 pm Tap 4-6
5:30 pm Ballet 4-6
7:00 pm Pointe/Pointe Preparation
7:30 pm Jazz 4-6

5:00 pm Tap 1-2
6:00 pm Tap Technique (Levels 3+)
7:30 pm Tap 1-3 (teen/adult)

9:00 am Happy Feet
9:45 am Creative Ballet


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