Recital Countdown: 3 days!

It’s just three days away and ohmygoodness are we busy!! Here are all the things running through my head that I wish I could call and talk to each of you about in person:

1. Great news! We have a new videographer that we are really excited about – Media X Creative will be at our rehearsal on Saturday, shooting closeups and helping create a fantastic 10th Anniversary DVD for you this year. Order forms are available in the waiting room or in the lobby at dress rehearsal and the recital.

2. If you signed up to help with setup on Friday, you can meet us at the school around 6:30 pm. We don’t anticipate as much heavy lifting as usual – though it’s always a surprise what we’ll find when we arrive in the auditorium! Come prepared to run around hanging up signs and setting up tables and chairs in the lobby area. We’ll string up our backstage lights and make sure all the cords are taped down for the awesome lights that Greg Ray, our lighting designer, will be installing!

3. Class moms and other dress rehearsal volunteers that are scheduled for Saturday, please check your times and make sure you know when you need to be at the theatre. If you have questions and have not volunteered before, please touch base with me by calling the studio phone – (814) 364-2424.

PAA Dance Photos4. Our guest artists are arriving tomorrow evening and will be rehearsing at the studio at 5:30. Please be sure to welcome and thank Katie and Becky, who are driving in from Philadelphia to be a special part of our concert, despite their super-busy rehearsal schedule and Lady Hoofers concert this coming week!

5. Ticket orders that have come in this week will be available for you at the box office. Tickets are still available at the door. Seating is general admission and doors open at 1:30 p.m.

6. Call time on Sunday is 1:00 for backstage helpers and advanced students, 1:15 for all other dancers. Please send an oversized tshirt for younger students to wear over their costumes if they would like a snack or want to sit and color. We don’t want any stains on those beautiful costumes!

7. Wearing a bun in the show? Don’t forget your hairnets. Word on the street is they’re sold out at Target and Walmart. Try Rite-Aid, CVS, and Sally Beauty Supply.


Miss Sarah

3 thoughts on “Recital Countdown: 3 days!

  1. Rock On Ms. Sarah!
    And don’t forget to breathe 😉 Have a blessed show this weekend! Be thinking of you and all your talented little dancers taking the stage. Wonderfully exciting…..enjoy the magic!
    ~Ms. Wendy

    • Wendy, just now coming up for air. Doesn’t it blow your mind how exhausting these shows can be? Add to that my little buddy on the autism spectrum, and you can imagine my fatigue! Thanks for your well wishes and prayers – the show was a huge success and one of the best we’ve put on.

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