Bring a Friend Week: April 29th – May 4th


It’s Bring-A-Friend Week! We’re jumping for joy!

Yes, it’s TV Turnoff Week, but did you know that it’s also our Bring a Friend Week? So instead of sitting home with all that free time and nothing to do, why not come on over and get moving and grooving a little!? All of our dance classes are open to friends, and no experience is necessary. If you are an upper level student bringing a less experienced friend, they may participate as much as they want and/or just hang out and watch the fun. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating PAA this week – let’s show our favorite people what we love about our favorite studio!

Coming up next:
Tuesday, May 7th: Studio Company Auditions (5:30 Crunch, 6:30 Lumiere)
Saturday, May 11th: Last Day of Spring Semester
Monday, May 13th: Summer 2013 Mini Session begins (Registration Materials here)

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