January PAA News (Registration Info)

WOW! Is it cold, or what?? Be sure to keep those twinkle toes bundled up this weekend. This great clip from the Polar Express might help get your toes tapping and warm you up a little:

Despite the snow and crazy cold temperatures, our last week of the fall semester is this week, January 6th – 11th. All Fall make up classes should be complete by the 11th. Please see Miss Sarah if you need more information on your attendance.

Beginning January 13th, we will resume an identical weekly schedule for the spring semester. You can refer to the Fall brochure for class days and times. It is not assumed that you will be registering if you are a current student, so please be sure to turn in your registration form to let us know what you intend to take in the Spring. Saturday Intro to Dance students should register this week, to maintain their place in class – there is always a waitlist in the spring!

Spring 2014 Registration Form

Each dancer will need to submit a separate registration form with payment. For those of you who received a paper copy of the Spring registration form, please disregard and use the new copy below.

We will be measuring all participating students for recital costumes between January 6th and January 18th in class. If you will be absent for any reason, please make arrangements to be measured at another time by emailing Miss Sarah at pennacadarts@gmail.com.

So grab your hot cocoa, and we’ll see you next week!

2 thoughts on “January PAA News (Registration Info)

  1. Hi Sarah! I just mailed Sophie’s spring registration form for Intro 1. I have a couple questions:

    1. How many costumes will Sophie need, 2 or 3? I will bring the correct deposit amount on Saturday.

    2. When should Sophie come to learn the Mouse Queen dance? She’s 2nd understudy so I didn’t know really when she should come.

    3. Should I follow the rehearsal schedule for Sophie under the supporting role schedule? I don’t want to have her miss things if I didn’t understand the schedule.

    Hope your family had a nice Christmas!

    Joyce Smith 😉

  2. 1. Sophie will have her mouse costume and her farm animal costume, but for now, just do her class costume deposit. I’ll give all the minor characters notes to let you know what to do about costumes.
    2. Sophie will see the choreography for the mouse dance in her Saturday class, and when Lorna isn’t there, will likely do it in her place a few times.
    3. I’ll be posting what’s going on in rehearsals/classes each week, so hopefully it won’t be too confusing!

    Miss Sarah

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