Summer 2014 Dance

Here it is! Our much anticipated Summer 2014 schedule of dance classes. All current students are encouraged to pre-register by emailing us at with your dancer’s name, birthdate, phone number and requested classes.

Registration Days will be held at PA Academy of the Arts on Friday, May 16th from 4 to 6 pm and Saturday,  May 17th from 9 to 12 am.

May 19th – June 28th
No class Memorial Day weekend
Makeup Day on Monday, June 30th

5:00 Jazz 1-2 (Bromlyn)
6:00 Jazz 4-6 (Bromlyn)
7:30 Modern (Bromlyn)

5:30 Ballet 1-2 (Sarah/Natasha)
6:30 Ballet 4-6 with Pointe (Sarah/Natasha)

4:15 Tap Technique (Sarah)
5:45 Combined Studio Companies (Sarah)
6:45 Jazz Technique (Sarah)

4:30 Tap 1-2 (Michelle)
5:30 Ballet Technique (Sarah/Natasha)
7:00 Pointe Prep & Conditioning (Sarah/Natasha)
7:30 Tap 4-6 (Michelle)

9:00 Intro to Dance 1 (Maya)
10:00 Intro to Dance 2 (Maya)


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