Auditions Tonight!

Reminder to everyone that PAA Studio Company auditions are tonight from 5:30 to 7:00! The company will combine what was formerly Crunch and Lumière into one larger company that performs everything from lyrical jazz to musical theatre to tap. Requirements are that dancers (minimum age 7) take at least two technique classes per week in any style (or styles) of their choice, plus a 2-hour company rehearsal on Saturdays. Scheduled events include a Philly performance in October, a special NYC excursion in November, and a studio showcase in December. 

Dancers may miss 2 rehearsals and 4 classes per semester without any penalty, though they may not miss the rehearsal prior to a performance. We will be auditioning for both members and apprentices, to give younger dancers a chance to dance alongside the more experienced ones – a great opportunity for them to be mentored and inspired!

Bring those smiles and your happy energy tonight to learn some great choreography and kick off the new dance year with your friends!

Pirouettes & pixie dust,

Miss Sarah


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